Concerns abound over asphalt plant

Ballston planners may require additional environmental review

— Ferradino has tried to prove that any further study on the impact of the environment is unneeded because research by their experts proves there is not “significant” environmental impact as defined by SEQRA.

“Most officials from the town agree as well,” she said

One woman who spoke at the meeting said she and her neighbor both operate day care facilitates. She was recently notified by her licensor that she could be in danger of losing the license to operate her day care if an environmental impact study is not performed.

“If I even live near a laundromat I have to have an environmental impact study,” she said, adding she felt air quality is the most precious resource and the board should think of the health of the town’s children.

Doyle said he believes the project does meet the criteria for an environmental study, but a more important concern right now is the plant’s impact on traffic.

During its peak operation time in the morning, the plant has the potential to serve seven to nine trucks per hour and is expected to operate 150 days a year. All of the paperwork submitted to the board show the plant as producing 30,000 tons of asphalt per year, though an official from Dolomite Products Co. said at the meeting the Watervliet plant produces between 100,000 and 150,000 tons a year and the Ballston plant will have the same capabilities.

Doyle said any additional production of asphalt would have a greater effect on traffic, from the size of the trucks to how many are on the road at a time.

“We may have to look at a limit for the plant,” he said.

The board agreed the traffic study prepared by the company’s experts was not thorough enough and more information was needed. Ferradino said the next presentation will focus primarily on the issues of traffic since the traffic engineer hired by the town had not had a chance to look over the plan before the most recent presentation.

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