Tebbano set to retire to Florida

Teaching kids today

When asked if it is more difficult to teach children now compared to at the beginning of his career, Tebbano made it clear he doesn’t find it difficult to teach kids. He pointed to outside influences as the problem.

“For me to be in a classroom with a child and help them read and help them be successful is an easy process, because a good teacher feels committed to doing that work,” said Tebbano. “When everybody else is knocking on the door telling that teacher how to do the job, then it’s complicated. I worry about the state of what it means to be a teacher in the future because of that.”

Tebbano was candid about his viewpoint that the federal government “should keep their nose out of education.” He went on to criticize the regulations, mandates and lack of funding from the state level.

“You’ve heard the phrase that there’s too many cooks in the kitchen,” Tebbano commented. “This is exactly what it is, but when I see some very outstanding teachers bending over backwards to help children and helping them feel success and helping them get ahead and nurturing whatever their needs are, I feel very strongly that the art of teaching has never gone away.”

Future plans

Tebbano will move to Florida, where he and his wife own property. The outgoing superintendent said he’ll focus on creative things, such as continuing to write a blog. He’s received offers to teach at the college level, but said that it will probably be “all about me” when he retires.

“I’m going to be writing a book, and I hope to be doing a lot of reading and getting caught up on taking care of myself,” said Tebbano. “I had a health incident this summer, which was pretty serious, which taught me a few lessons that I need to rein in my life with regards to stress levels.”

Tebbano will be replaced by Dr. Thomas Douglas, the superintendent of the Chenango Valley Central School District in Binghamton. Douglas has led that district since 2009.

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