'The voice' of North Colonie

— Her days might not have been so enjoyable (or productive) if she hadn’t worked with “some amazing coworkers.”

“We’ve really been able to handle whatever workload we’ve been given, kept our eyes focused on the goal which is really to educate children,” said Newton. “We also had laughs; we’ve enjoyed ourselves along the way.”

The school district has become like her second family.

“I feel like we’ve really been able to connect with each other enough to care for each other and been there for people when they’ve had times of need,” said Newton. “We’ve worked but we’ve also had time to experience each other’s lives and to care about people.”

The superintendents have also treated her work family with care. Newton said she’ll never forget eating lunch with “the girls” on the back steps one day and coming inside, giggling and brushing ants off their clothing.

“The next week there was a picnic table sitting out there. [The superintendent] had bought us a picnic table,” said Newton.

That bond is something she still hasn’t gotten enough of, even after all these years.

“The time has gone so quickly,” said Newton.

Her love of people, whether it was a caller or a colleague, is what kept her going day after day, year after year.

“I’m a people person. … They’ve not always been as friendly, as open as you might want them to be but I’ve found that in talking with them you can kind of get to their need, whatever that might be,” said Newton.

She’s humble about spending nearly four decades at the helm of the district’s phone system, but she also knows it’s something to be proud of.

“I feel I’ve been dedicated. I know I’ve rarely used sick time,” said Newton. “I’ve been here to make the process move, whether it be handling the bills or typing up the reports. I’m more or less the middleman.”

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