Letter: Appointment should have new approach

Editor, The Spotlight:

In last week’s paper we read that Jack Cunningham wants to be appointed to the vacant Town Board seat. We also read that at least two community members disagree. I feel exactly the same way. Now is not the time to insert politicians who will govern us the “same old way”. This practice has led us to the current stalemate at our town and Federal levels. The voters of Bethlehem sent that message clearly in electing John Clarkson by a significant margin. Joann Dawson states she thinks that the person might come in with the thought that they have no stake in the game, and perhaps come in, make whatever changes they want and walk, without any accountability to the public. This diminishes the contributions of those of us in town who volunteer out time (three years on the School Board for me). Re-election, or lack thereof is only one means of accountability available to us in our democracy. Most importantly, the person that is selected to serve out the term of Mark Jordan needs to be committed to doing the right thing for the future of the town, have the time to read many pieces of material and to stand up for what they believe is the right course for Bethlehem. Politics aside, the person needs to be governed by nothing other than their sense of decency, honesty and the willingness to work with our new Supervisor. We all need to support John Clarkson as he forges ahead in this difficult time. We are the ones that put him there and we now we have a job to do.

Lisa Allendorph


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