Looking back, ahead, in Glenville

Town supervisor talks accomplishments, works in progress

— The town also had a successful implementation of its Revitalization Economic Development Investment (REDI) Fund, which set aside $35,000 for business improvement. In 2011, the funds were applied to a sign replacement program, which provided businesses with grant funding to replace existing signs. It was aimed at providing assistance to small businesses.

Koetzle said REDI funds moving forward could be used to help small businesses expand or to create a marketing plan for the town’s commercial corridors. Boulant agreed with the supervisor that the sign grant program was successful and a portion of funds could be used for it in 2012. Boulant said the town might look into creating a small business revolving loan fund.

Infrastructure improvements will also be put in the spotlight in the coming year.

“The town made a commitment to reengage in the paving schedules, so we can make sure our roads are well maintained,” Koetzle said. “The town is far behind on its maintenance schedules because the previous administered failed to make investments in infrastructure.”

Shared services slowed

Koetzle said the town is still looking into the possibility of an increased partnership with Scotia between the highway and parks departments. He said it would utilize strengths of each municipality.

The town has more highway equipment than the village, said Koetzle, but the village has more park related equipment. He said using each municipality’s strengths could provide a “competitive advantage” for both parties.

“It is going slow,” Koetzle said about village efforts. “It doesn’t have to be consolidation.”

The aspects of increasing shared services, while included in the strategic plan, sometimes fall outside what town officials can control.

“We put in the strategic plan knowing we need a working partner. We really need other municipalities to come forward and say they are willing to explore the opportunity to work with us,” Koetzle said. “These are things I am trying to focus on … where can we help you and where you can you help us?”

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