Local vet has 'Hallmark' moment

Watching himself on television was like reliving the October day of filming all over again, he said.

"When I saw myself it was very exciting in the fact that I remembered every second of the day, it was so intense," said Prusinowski. "I felt a bit of personal pride too."

During his 28 years in the Navy, Prusinowski spent time on cruisers, aircraft carriers and submarines. He said one of his fondest and dramatic memories is being aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, the first American warship to leave the shores of America after 9/11.

"We left exactly nine days after 9/11, hurried it up because we weren't supposed to leave until Christmas time. We steamed across over there and once we got on station, we were out to sea for 159s and never saw land," said Prusinowski. "We had our planes in the air bombing Iraq for 18 hours a day, it was very exciting."

Prusinowski said driving a ship was also one of his favorite naval tasks.

"It's most exciting when you drive a $5 billion aircraft carrier and are the single guy in charge of taking care of that ship and everyone on board," said Prusinowski.

He's retired from the Navy, but still finds himself involved with the lifestyle through his new job working for Oto Melara, a corporation that is preparing to build a production line for guns and ammunition at the Watervliet Arsenal.


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