R'dam employees returned to positions

Del Gallo claims his authority as Supervisor being undermined

Four town employees were returned to their previous positions after Rotterdam Town Supervisor Frank Del Gallo moved them for what he said was cross training.

The Rotterdam Town Board held a special meeting on Monday, Feb. 7, after Council members Matthew Martin and Wayne Calder had asked the supervisor for the meeting near the end of January. There were no agendas provided to the public at the beginning of the meeting and each resolution was first voted on to be added to the agenda before an actual vote on the resolution began.

In response to the Del Gallo's move of four town employees, which were Donna Larsen from the Highway Department, Diane Martin from the Supervisor's Office, Cindy Dumar from the Public Works Department and Mollie Collins from the Senior Center, a resolution was drafted to return the employees to their previous positions.

The supervisor manages the day to operations, said Del Gallo. "This is an unnecessary interference with the power of the supervisor. The issues raised in the resolution are subject to pending litigation, so as members of the town government we should act intelligently and as a unit in the face of a challenge."

Godlewski abstained from the vote for the reasons previously mentioned by Del Gallo, whom joined Godlewski in abstaining from the vote. Councilwoman Nicola DiLeva said council members shouldn't have to fight for what is right and employees should not be moved out of their position without a reason.

"This is not done for or against any groups that are a party in this," said Calder. "All we are trying to do is right a wrong that was done without the majority of the board [approval]."

Calder said he wasn't sure what the reasons for the moves were, but he didn't think it was job performance based. Del Gallo did not restate why he moved her, which was at one point said to be for training purposes, but only stressed his role in running day-to-day operations.

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