R'dam employees returned to positions

"Residents deserve a government that works together for the best benefit of the town," said Del Gallo. "Each branch of the town government has their own responsibility. It is not the Town Board's responsibility to manage day-to-day administration functions of the town government. That is the role f the supervisor. It is important that the office of the town supervisor functions as authorized by law."

Calder said it is not a good time for the town government as budgets are tightening and some departments are shrinking.

"I sure as heck don't want to start of something like that with a negative impact with anybody in the town," said Calder.

Later in the evening the Town Board also passed a resolution establishing operating policy and procedures for the Brass Rail eatery in the town's Senior Center.

"If this was in place a long time ago it would have elevated a lot of problems that we had," said DiLeva.

At a previous town board meeting grievances that were filed within the town relating to the employees at the Brass Rail were brought up during privilege of the floor.

Despite Godlewski's disapproval, a resolution was passed for the town to start collecting Advance Life Support expenses from emergency services that work with the town.

"It doesn't matter who is coming into the town, whoever answers the call we will get reimbursement," said Calder. "I am not for losing any more money, so this is why I think it is here, this is why I know it is here."

Godlewski thought issuing ALS collection contracts separately from getting bids for the future ambulance service provider would weaken the town's position during negotiations.

"It seems foolish to split it out each group has said to this board that they are going to charge us a different way for when they recover the ALS fees," said Godlewski.""

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