County Legislature appointments spur debate

"We are insensitive to the people that have served us for so long and so well," said Buhrmaster. "I would hope that after all this discussion that we had tonight and we had a month ago that things will start to change here in the Legislature."

Legislator Karen Johnson, D-Schenectady, agreed the legislature should do a better job of thanking people that have served for the county.

"If people are not going to be appointed they need the respectful notification that they will in fact not be appointed," said Johnson.

Farley also noted Fitz was one of the most dedicated people to the library he has known and found it odd he was resigning with no explanation for why.

Other legislators didn't think Fitz had made anything more than a personal decision.

"I think it is a bit tawdry to say that some people left that board other than the way they said they left it without any evidence to that effect," said Deputy Chair Vince DiCerbo, D-Schenectady. "I think you are indirectly criticizing the ability, confidence and dedication of the people that we are about to appoint."

Legislator Brian Gordon, D-Niskayuna, also shared his discontent with some of the languages of the meeting.

"I am surprised at the amount of grandstanding, deflection and misdirection that we see continuously from particular legislators on a constant basis," said Gordon. "I congratulate my esteemed college from Glenville, he got a lot of face time today. He didn't say an awful lot and repeated the same phrases."

Farley quickly jumped up and called for Gordon to not make accusations at other legislators while explaining his vote for the resolution, which lead to Chairwoman Susan Savage intervening to solve the argument between the two legislators.

Along with the 12 other appointments besides the two from the library the legislature approved the resolution with Farley and Buhrmaster casting the only opposing votes against the appointments.""

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