Time Warner talks delay G'ville's possible switch

"This is a 20-year-old problem that I am trying to correct, so the bad-guy news for me is do I continue to let this 20-year-old problem go on or do I fix it, so I am trying to fix it," said Morris. "It was defined by somebody as a community system, but it wasn't funded as a community system."

Town Supervisor Christopher Koetzle denied it was a 20-year-old problem and said it was the City Council that created it.

"I think it was a problem created by the Schenectady City Council when they made the decision unilaterally to change," said Koetzle. "It wasn't a problem before it went to Open Stage Media; it worked."

Other municipalities aren't being excluded from the same ultimatum though, because Morris said he has shared the same proposal with the towns of Niskayuna and Rotterdam and the Village of Scotia. If any municipality doesn't pay the fee then they will be cut, said Morris, which will allow subscribers to view programming but not contribute.

"It is unbelievably modest by comparison to what the city of Schenectady subscribers pay," said Morris. "The Town of Niskayuna has viewed it quite positively, and the Town of Rotterdam " I have not yet been able to complete conversations."

He has also talked to Scotia Mayor Kris Kastberg, whom had hoped to be included in the town's agreement, but Morris said the village has a separate franchise contract with Time Warner so they would have to pay their own fee to OSM.

To make the move

"I think the proposal is reasonable, but there is a wrinkle to it," said Koetzle.

The hurdle of moving the signals for channels 17 and 18 out of Saratoga County is a $12,000 cost no other municipality has to pay, said Koetzle. If the town stayed with the Saratoga-based service then it would be free and the recordings would have to be sent there to be broadcast, although subscribers would not be able to view County Legislature or other municipalities' meetings. Also, the discussed town website upgrades to start streaming videos of meetings online would cost less than $5,000.

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