Time Warner talks delay G'ville's possible switch

"I think that is an ample investment into the system that the other towns do not have to make and will not have to make and I believe that's our, if we go forward, contribution to making that system better stronger and more viable," said Koetzle about the cost to move the signals.

Morris said infrastructure upgrades are separate from the cost of running the service, so the town would still have to pay the $5,000 service fee. He noted that Schenectady invested $35,000 to upgrade its infrastructure, but the cost was separate from what is paid for the service.

"While I appreciate the investment to infrastructure to make a countywide system " I get that " but at the same time, what we are saying is it takes a lot of money to make it operate, to make it happen," said Morris.

Councilman Alan Boulant questioned what exactly the costs are associated with moving the signal and if it was as simple as the "flip of a switch." James MacFarland, director of operations for the town, said the cost is associated with equipment that will need to be purchased to perform the transfer and upgrade, because Time Warner's system is more advanced than when the signal based out of Saratoga was set up around 20 years ago.

Morris said there are relay devices that go into a rack and have to be separated where the channels come from and go to. How much that exactly costs, he wasn't sure.

"Is it $12,000? I couldn't speak to that, but I know it is not just flipping a switch," said Morris.

Another 'wrinkle' in the plan

MacFarland said there is still another wrinkle in the plan to switch to Open Stage Media even after the signals are moved.

"Let's say we moved our signals to be Schenectady-based, but then we are not able to reach an agreement with Open Stage Media. Time Warner still is obligated to find a way to show public, educational and governmental content coming out of Glenville to Glenville people," said MacFarland. "That is an unanswered question on how Time Warner would accomplish that."

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