R'dam board does legal shuffle

"Right now, the total budget for legal services is $203,000. The issue is this: Legislation costs are not covered in their contract," he said. "I have a real big concern as to where we're going to get those revenues."

"What we're basically doing, by adopting this resolution, is doubling our legal fees."

Martin countered by saying the comptroller's contains suggestions, and ones that aren't applicable to this situation. Professional services that have specific areas of expertise are exempt from the bid process, he said.

When all was said and done, Daniels and Porco were named the new town attorneys and the board also " in spite of DelGallo and Godlewski's protests " terminated the town's affiliation with Brian Goldberger a Rotterdam labor attorney who has handled the town's civil service negotiations.

"Why would we keep a lawyer who only talks to two people out of five?" asked DiLeva, before the vote.

As for Liccardi's future with the town, the East Greenbush attorney said he is still considering his options.

"I have some meetings scheduled with the members of the Town Board," Liccardi said in an interview Wednesday morning, Feb 16. "So beyond that, I have no comment for you."

Liccardi did say the meetings were scheduled for some time in the upcoming couple of weeks.""

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