Micro-farming initiative moves forward

"When I saw what the Helms had suffered for having chickens I realized, 'Oh my god, that could have been my fate," said Worthington. "I wasn't farming, I was just enjoying them like one would enjoy rabbits."

She said all of her Niskayuna neighbors knew about the chickens on her property, but they actually enjoyed the fowl company. Similar to the Helms, people would come over to visit her chickens.

"We were keeping them under control and I told all my neighbors about it and all my neighbors were happy about it," she said. "My neighbors were tickled pink that there were chickens in the neighborhood."

Having chickens for personal use as pets or to produce food for one's family is a right she feels residents have.

"This kind of backyard gardening, if you will, it is a right people have to feed themselves with things they grow whether it is tomatoes or whatever," said Worthington.

While she did understand where the town was coming from in ruling the chickens were a violation, she feels irked.

"I've worked with the town and I sort of understand where they are coming from but it seems like it is so inflexible," said Worthington. "I do know that I think it is very important to be a citizen and to take laws that you would like to se changed or added and bring them to local government. I saw that happen with the tree committee and replacing trees in Niskayuna. A town and its rules are a living thing.""

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