Pet pals

"It bleeds a lot for a surprising little area," said Davis about a nail getting trimmed to short. "To get bleeding to stop, pressure is really important."

An easy way she said to deal with it is to count slowly for a minute and just apply pressure. If that doesn't work she said just repeat it for two minutes the second time.

After learning about healthy teeth, kidney, heart, inflammation from ticks, fleas and mites and other body parts, 'Betsy' was brought in for the children to test out some veterinarian skills.

While going through some procedures of a typical exam with a dog, children were supplied with a stethoscope and checked the dog's heart rate. They were also shown to feel for the femoral pulse along the back leg of the dog, which she said is important to make sure a dog is getting good blood circulation to their back legs.

The last animal friend to join the group was Scotty, a cat that had a distinctive feature due to neglect.

The owners that brought Scotty in said they let him roam around outside a lot, said Davis, which made the animal similar to a stray even though he had a home. She said the average lifespan of a stray cat is around two years.

Scotty's two ears didn't point up like most cats' ears, because the tips of his ears had to be removed due to frostbite while being out in the cold weather recently.

"When they did the surgery on him to nurture him they had to remove a majority of his ears, so he can still hear, but his hearing is going to be a little different," said Davis. "It is really important to treat your animals well and is a reflection of who you are."

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