A cold reunion

"Men were sort of watching them make these choices and their ambivalence to it."

The main plot point of the story is the relationship between Glenna and Gordon, where Gordon pines after a woman he can't have. The two had known each other 35 years ago, and since then Gordon has become a consultant with a grown son and a failed marriage.

Gordon begins longing for Glenna and decides to surprise her at her office in Manhattan, where she has become a pediatrician, and things don't go very swimmingly. Even Golden isn't sure as to why Gordon would do such a thing.

"He goes to meet her and she thinks that he's sort of lost his mind," said Golden. "They eventually go out and have a drink."

This meeting is an "awkward" one, said Golden, where Glenna is confused about her decisions regarding her career and having a family. It's a situation Gordon finds himself stuck in.

In this scene, Golden uses flashbacks to show what had happened to the two previously. It is a tool he uses constantly throughout the book, which he said is due to him being a historian.

"I felt the only way to get a handle on the situation was to look from now until then," he said, "to get an honest accounting."

In the middle of doing research for a book on the Cold War, which he said would be coming out next year, Golden soon became compelled to write "Comeback Love." So when he found a break during his research, he decided to write it.

"I would say it took me less than six months, maybe four or five," he said. "I have been thinking about these characters for a very long time, but they had different names, of course."

While most of what happens in the novel is of his own creation, Golden admits that where events in the Cold War were used, he sometimes had to do extensive research. There is one scene where Stalin gives a speech after the war, which he said had taken him several hours to get the most intricate details of the speech.

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