Local girls wins on 'Wheel of Fortune'

"Five or six years I've been a fan of '[Wheel of Fortune].' I was introduced to it by my boyfriend. He used to watch it since he was really little with his grandparents and when I started going over there to have dinner, I'd sit with them watching it," said Light. "At first, I wasn't very interested, but after a while I ended up liking the show a lot."

When she started thinking about auditioning for the show, she was in luck, because a "Wheelmobile" from the show was in Las Vegas, where she was going to school. Both she and her boyfriend auditioned, but only she got called back for a second audition after a random drawing.

Taping at Sony Studios in Culver City, Calif. was "the best experience" of her life, if an extremely long and nerve-wracking one.

"I had to get there really early in the morning, then they run you through all the rules of the game and you have to tape a promo for the TV station. I was really nervous and I was picked for show five out of six on my day, so I had to wait almost all day," said Light, who said contestants sit in the audience until it's their turn on stage. "Pat and Vanna come walking out and it's so weird because I couldn't believe it was actually real. It was really difficult for me to solve them because I was so nervous having the cameras on me and it was kind of like you freeze up a little bit. I was just having to concentrate as much as I could on the puzzles so I wasn't distracted."

Light said she was given food in the morning, lunch and coffee, water, nuts and chips all day.

"I think they want to make sure everyone eats because they don't want people fainting," she said.

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