Rotterdam gets organized

Board members also noted some confusion during the meeting, because multiple versions of the agenda had been drafted before the meeting with some of board members requested changes not appearing on the final version.

Councilwoman Nicola DiLeva offered amendment to the agenda, which would become 1.11A, to authorize the supervisor to employ Darlene Mullally to confidential secretary to the supervisor, cutting compensation time out.

"Why do you want to take her comp-time away when historically and traditionally in this town the confidential secretary has enjoyed the same benefits as anybody that is the union?" said Godlewski questioning DiLeva. "You've already penalized her $17,000 in her pay by making budget transfers."

DiLeva said she submitted the amendment the previous morning and wanted to return to the original agreement upon Mullally being hired last year.

"When we hired her last year, Bob, the agreement was no comp-time and she ended up getting comp-time," said DiLeva. "No other secretary gets comp time no other secretary gets overtime."

Later a discussion over the reappointment of another town employee, Timothy Longo, to the position of animal control officer spurred a lengthy debate. Longo would be receiving a stipend of $10,000, which was $5,000 greater than the previous year.

DiLeva wanted to table the resolution till there was evidence available to residents about the calls received by Longo last year, which was in a newly created position, due to the increase in pay. Godlewski argued with DiLeva that it wasn't needed, because Longo's supervisor attested to his work ethic and the high call volume.

Following a lengthy discussion on the measure, Del Gallo said he had the information DiLeva was requesting and the board took a recess for Del Gallo to get the report and the resolution passed.

After returning from another recess later in the afternoon to clarify the purchasing procedures in the town, the Town Board addressed the scheduling of regular public meetings for the town.

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