Company links job seekers with employers

Since opening in October, Walrath has placed 12 people and has around 35 open jobs she's looking to fill. They're "good, valid" jobs, she said.

"It seems I'm seeing about 70 percent direct hire and seeing higher end positions, like I have two attorney positions, a CPA, an accountant, positions in information technology; they're well over $50,000 salary positions," said Walrath.

She has some tips for job searchers.

"[Their resume] is their tool to get in the door, their marketing piece, so they need to make sure their resume is crisp, no spelling errors," said Walrath. "When they go on an interview make sure they actually research the company and know about who you're dealing with and talking to."

Walrath said interviewees should bring a few copies of their resume to the interview and have three to five questions ready about the organization. Last, but not least, make a point of stating that you want the job.

"If you want the job, tell them at the end of the interview, 'I'm very interested and would appreciate the opportunity,'" said Walrth.

Another tip that people frequently forget is the "thank you" note.

"Obviously follow up with a 'thank you' note. Not many people do that but it sets them apart from their competition," said Walrath.

Unemployment rates still suggest a struggle but Walrath said she's optimistic.

"From my perspective, I think it looks good, especially in the medical industry; there are plentiful jobs within the medical industry," said Walrath. "I'm positive about the new year and excited about my business."

Walrath said she wants to find a way to set her recruiting company apart from other similar agencies. She thinks she already stands out because she offers resume critiquing and interview preparation, but she'd like to go a bit further.

"I'm meeting with an organization in New York City that works with another staffing agency in Pennsylvania to partner with them to assist veterans when they come home, getting jobs," said Walrath. "This is how I would be different this is probably one area where I would be different from everyone else."

Nothing is set in stone and details or a plan are nowhere near being done, said Walrath, but she hopes discussions will allow her to offer some sort of veteran service somehow, someday.


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