Site can 'connect your world'

iZoca.com's foundation is currently built on groups that connect geographic community pages, "my world" membership pages and soon organization-based community pages for institutions. Throughout the new year, Goronkin is already looking to see how much more the site can expand.

"We want to further refine the website as it exists today. We want to make events searchable as well as discussions and photos by keyword," said Goronkin. "Once everyone starts letting events known to the community we want to be able to filter them. We also want to provide companies even more exposure than just having a generic group on our site, so we envision having some type of service we provide for a small monthly fee."

Even further down the line, iZoca.com will connect communities around the country, said Goronkin. But for now, it's all about promoting the site with the resources they have, so they can reach their expectations.

"We don't have funding to do broad marketing campaigns. We're doing grassroots where we reach out to chamber of commerce's, meet with non-profit organizations and business, anything in the area that is community driven," said Goronkin.


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