A Congressman's first day

He said he relished the afternoon that gave him a chance to greet district residents and mingle with loved ones, even with the call of his new job constantly looming.

"There were votes that went on throughout that first day, so periodically I had to step out to go to the house floor to vote. It was an action packed day and one that I'll always remember," said Gibson.

With the celebration wrapped and day one in the bag, Gibson said he was ready to jump right in, just halfway through his second official day as U.S. Congressman. He laid out a few of his priorities, with job creation at the top of the list.

"The number one priority is job creation and there's a number of things that have to be done immediately to help on that score to grow the economy. Congress can't pass a law that creates [jobs] but it can create laws that change the business environment; right now it's hostile and uncertain to growth," said Gibson. "I've been listening very carefully to small business owners and employees who talk about impediments to growth, things and barriers that stand in the way."

Taxes, "onerous" regulations and health care costs are the main obstacles Gibson said he has heard. To that end, he said constituents can expect his actions to seek an answer to those issues.

"What we're doing in the opening days of this Congress is to address regulation. I've already signed on to co-sponsor a couple bills I think will help the business environment," said Gibson.

One of those bills would repeal the 1099 requirement included in last year's health care bill that requires small businesses to submit the 1099 form for any vendors they do $600 worth of business with.

"For many business owners, this is an onerous regulatory requirement with little to none positive advantage for the country. I'm part of an effort to repeal that and I believe we have widespread support for it in the house; the Senate, we'll have to wait and see about that," said Gibson.

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