Applying to college in a digital world

It's more convenient for families, as well. Students and parents can access the system from home, at any time of the day or night, and the progress checklists provide parents and counselors with an easy reference to how the application process is coming along, without having to rely on the student.

Sarah Light, who hopes to go to Brown, said her mother often logs in to Naviance to take a look at her progress.

"Otherwise she'd be on me all the time," Light said. "She can do her own searches and find out information."

That works for the student in more ways than one. They can confirm that admissions offices are receiving information, ensuring nothing gets virtually lost in the mail.

"Through Naviance, we can see not only when we submitted it, but when the school uploaded it," said Counseling Coordinator Gayle Moriarity.

Though we live in an increasingly digital world, Bethlehem High School is the region's first pubic school to fully adopt Naviance. Counselor Lisa Carr, who spearheaded the adoption of the online system, said she's often fielding requests for training from local districts like Niskayuna, Guilderland, Shenendehowa and Voorheesville, as well as schools as far away as the Binghamton area.

"We've always been a cutting edge school, and I think people look to us as a resource," Carr said.

One of the reasons Naviance is so attractive is the savings a paperless system can offer, especially during such tight times for schools. At BC a $3,600 part-time position is no longer needed, and the counseling center is using about 12,000 fewer sheet of paper than in 2009.""

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