Del Gallo pulls the pump on tax-free gas for REMS

Councilwoman Nicola DiLeva said she wasn't informed about Del Gallo's decision to stop selling gas to REMS.

"He has never discussed it with us," said DiLeva. "I have more questions than answers there."

As a short-term solution for REMS, Salamone said the county agreed to let REMS' ambulances purchase fuel from it, because of the public safety issue, until another agreement is worked out.

County Attorney Chris Gardner said on Tuesday, Jan. 11, he was "not aware of any actions," which involved REMS purchasing fuel from county.

"We do not have a license to sell fuel it would not be lawful for us to do so," said Gardner.

On the evening of Monday, Jan. 10, after the Rotterdam Town Board agenda meeting Salamone confirmed REMS had purchased fuel from the county on Friday, Jan. 7, but didn't know if purchases were made beyond that day.

"I just talked to someone over there [at REMS], they got it on Friday they don't know if they got fuel today [Jan. 10]," said Salamone. "The person I talked to said they had not heard any problems with it [fuel key] not working, so I would assume that the pump is on and they are getting gas from the county, they did on Friday."

The Spotlight has filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act for county fuel records pertaining to REMS.

Salamone said REMS is still the ambulance service provider for Rotterdam and is responding to emergency calls.

"If you are in the Town of Rotterdam and you call 911 and you need an ambulance, then REMS is dispatched to your house," said Salamone.

The for-profit Mohawk Ambulance has been making a push to provide emergency services to the town at no cost to taxpayers.""

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