Local lawmakers respond to Cuomo's address

Del Gallo thought Cuomo would be able to address tax issues effectively, but Niskayuna Town Supervisor Joe Landry said he is concerned.

"I want to see the details, and I want to see what he is talking about," said Landry. "There were a lot of things in [the speech] talking about tax relief; it is very important to us and we always look for ways to relieve taxes, especially property taxes. There is also a flip side we are providing a lot of programs for the state, we are providing a lot of services for the state we have a lot of cost, so this whole tax relief for the electorate is great, but I want to see how it is going to affect us."

The proposed tax cap has been an issue of concern for local school districts and local governments. Savage said the tax cap is an important issue, but the mandated costs from the state will need to be addressed if implemented.

"I think it [a tax cap] is important; it is an important issue and I think that property taxes are a huge burden in Upstate New York. I look forward to working with Gov. Cuomo to come up with a solution, but mandate relief has to be a part of that solution," said Savage. "It is going to call for a lot of hard choices in the future, but I think we have no choice but to end the cycle where property taxes increase because of the costs are passed on to local governments have increased."

Koetzle said he was concerned with the proposed tax cap and doesn't believe it is the route for Cuomo to take for tax relief.

"I am particularly concerned about his proposed tax cap, because it is unrealistic, and it doesn't address the real issue; the real issue is the number of state mandates placed on localities," said Koetzle. "Tax caps sound good, and I guess politically they get you a good reaction but it is not really the answer and it is not going to help us deal with the tough problems we are facing."

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