Competitive education funding worries school administrators

With both districts there is a mixture of different backgrounds students may come from that could contribute to their learning curve, Buhner said. He added that their learning ability could depend on their support from home, some may not know English yet and others may have special needs.

"There is a clear connection between poverty and academic achievement," said Buhner. "Schools can bridge that gap if their thoughtful with their resources. But that's why I say the details matter because it isn't apples to apples when you're comparing urban districts to suburban districts. Their challenges are not the same."

The idea of competition and the effort of raising the bar on student performance and administration performance are good things, said Corr, but he said that when Cuomo spoke of the state being 34th in performance but number one in spending, he got worried.

"That to me signaled the fact that the governor, and perhaps the state legislature, they will not recommend increases in funding for education," he said. "That was the message I derived from that. And I think the big thing is for us, are there going to be cuts in state aid or is state aid going to be held flat."

As Cuomo said he will be releasing his budget in the coming weeks, Buhner said there are some big decisions that need to be made in regards to cuts to funding, but hopes that the decisions will be made to help different towns and their school districts.

"Looking at the big global picture, I as a citizen of New York would hope that they're willing to make some large scale decisions for municipalities and their schools in regards to trying the balance the state budget," he said.""

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