CP going solar?

"It's a show of good faith from Clifton Park that if they are able to attract investors and get necessary funding, that we will go forward with this project it gives them some credibility when they're out there trying to sell this project to the appropriate folks," said Barrett.

The town also has to make sure that the Department of Environmental Conservation approves of the project.

"The DEC is very sensitive to a municipality that would want to place a solar field on top of a capped landfill. It wants to make sure it won't negatively impact that system that's in place on the capped landfill or change the integrity of the surface," said Barrett.

The solar field itself is something Barrett said he's very excited about. It's something he said he hasn't seen anywhere else on the eastern coast of the U.S. and is a project that uses the latest energy efficiency technology.

"It's called a thin film solar. Solar panels would lay atop the landfill and they would collect sunlight, clean energy, and it would be transformed into useable energy," said Barrett. "It's extremely sensitve as far as picking up light rays. People might think, 'Solar field in upstate New York. What, are you kidding me?' And that probably would have been true with older technology but with the newer technology this is something we can make a reality."

Barrett said he's looking forward to turning an essentially useless piece of property and turning it into a revenue generator, although he has no goal or estimated numbers as far as how much revenue could or will be generated.

"No pun intended, but the sky's the limit," said Barrett.

Besides the regulatory and logistical hurdles the town still must overcome to allow the project to begin, the trick is also to convince people.

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