Frank Warren wants to hear your secrets

There may already be an abundance of personal revelations on various social networking venues, but PostSecret creator Frank Warren is looking for those dark, sexual or humorous secrets that could be burdening an individual.

Oh, and he'd like you to share them in front of your classmates at the University of Albany Performing Arts Center on Feb. 8.

The live presentations derive from the website www.postsecret.com, where Warren hundreds of thousands of postcards he has received from people all over the world, from places such as New Zealand, Afghanistan, Hong Kong and the United States.

On those postcards are secrets people submit anonymously, secrets they feel that can't talk about to anyone.

It's a safe, non-judgmental place where people can share hidden parts of themselves, he said, adding that the live event adds another dimension. "I've been thrilled because I think the web site achieves that and the events more and more achieve that same type of space. For an hour or two, people are taken out of their everyday lives where they can talk about those feelings, acts of kindness or embarrassing moments."

It isn't just audience members that do the sharing, Warren shares his secrets as well. But he said the most memorable part of the evening is when the audience members share their own secrets, which he said can either be sexual, silly or shocking.

"I think there's something very special about hearing a secret live," he said. "The courage to stand up and expose yourself to people you see every day, I think it's courageous and the best part of the project."

But with social networking sites, Warren said young people are much more comfortable in sharing secrets than their parents were, adding that if he was in college he would have never gotten up and shared a secret to a crowd of his peers.

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