Knitting lives together

Knitting can help calm you, can help your ability to focus, or simply, as Kim Daniels' fourth grade class at the Albany Academy for Girls has learned, can help keep a child's head warm.

Save the Children is an international independent organization meant to help underprivileged children in developing countries. Daniels' class has been knitting hats for the organization's Caps for Good, after she attended a knitting conference and asked her students if they'd like to participate.

"Instead of just coming in and hanging out and chatting and doing free knitting, it was going to be a regular class," she said. "The majority of the girls were interested in doing in. Some were starting from scratch."

There are three children Daniels says have gone beyond the task put in front of them and had brought their knitting projects home during winter break to make sure they were done before the Feb. 28 deadline.

Genevieve Anderson, Kaili Ebert and Noreen Mian have excelled in the knitting unit but said it was hard when they first learned.

"Because you're kind of learning how to do it," said Ebert.

"But then it gets easy," Mian chimed in.

"Yeah, because you have to have a little bit of patience to start out," said Ebert.

Those three have now moved on to making their second hats.

Keeping a baby's head warm while they are premature is very important to keep the child from becoming fatally ill since a lot of their body heat radiates from their heads. Daniels said a package would be put together by the organization that will include antibiotics, immunizations and educational information to help mothers keep their children alive.

Daniels had tried out teaching knitting with first and second graders, but said the unit worked best when it was introduce in the third grade. The students began to really hone in their knitting skills in the fourth grade and were able to build on them.

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