Horses as therapists

"I know the attitude, the heart of the kids they're bringing to my barn. Kids are pretty tough because they needed to be to keep a distance from things that have hurt them, but a horse breaks down those walls and to watch the child understand how they can influence and be a positive influence and can choose the attitude they take on that's amazing," said Foster.

Working together

Equine therapy isn't a replacement for traditional therapy typically held in an office on a comfy couch or chair, but it's a nice complement, said Foster.

"In between sessions the therapist goes back with that client and processes what happened in the horse therapy and that brings their talk therapy to the next level," said Foster. "It's not to replace traditional mode but it offers heightened awareness."

Foster is requiring reservations for the Open Barn on Feb. 11 so she can better cater her demonstrations and programs to the types of people expected to attend. Those interested can call the barn at 384-0925 for reservations and directions.


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