Kids get star treatment

After some technical problems getting the movie started, the film premiered in the high school's auditorium with gripping introduction music. The story follows one main story of bullying and how a group of students go about solving it, but intertwined throughout the movie are several other bullying situations and how they tie into the main conflict.

"They are true situations things that they [kids] have either heard about, or been specifically involved in themselves," said Eagan.

The hope is more than just more than just the Glendaal students and fellow elementary schools in the district will see the film.

"We have had other schools inquire, they have heard a little about it, and they want to use this as an educational tool, which is what our plan is," said Eagan "We are really excited that this is going to hopefully help us change and make Glendaal even better, but also share this with schools in our district and hopefully they'll see that as nice tool to use to educating our youngsters about bullying."

Though Eagan recognized bullying isn't something that changes overnight, as seen in the film, it is important to start helping to solve the problem.

"I think something important that came through in the film is planting the seed," said Eagan.

The film is also going to be sent to Kids First, said Feurstein, which is a group of adults training children how to look at analyze movies critically. The PTA is providing funding for DVD copies of the movie to be made.

Over the past few years, said Feurstein, he has worked with kids a lot, but this is the youngest group of children he had worked with on an independent piece.

"The kids made it way easy," he said. "For a fourth- and fifth-grader to stand quietly, cameras rolling, hold the boom (microphone) for maybe a minute and wait their turn, I was blown away."

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