Nisky GOP bids for majority

Mansion said he believes the Democratic majority is going to come to an end soon.

"It is becoming more and more apparent that something has to be done and that the one party ruling is crippling us," said Mansion.

This year, he said, has seen a record number of people interested in running for the supervisor position. Before making a selection, the committee interviewed almost a dozen potential candidates.

"I have never experienced anything like this in my life, with the amount of interest and the people that want to run for the town supervisor position," said Mansion. "It is setting the tone for the concern the residents of the town have with the ever-increasing tax burden."

When the Republicans gained control of the Town Board in the 1997 election, Mansion said there were a lot of similar issues, so he is hopeful the public will embrace the party again this year.

"What is going to make it different is we keep to our theme of less government and therefore reduce our tax burden and therefore be a more responsible government," said Mansion. "There has to be a focus on the town and I just don't see that unfortunately happening right now and we are out to correct that. These candidates are committed to working hard and getting their message out this year."

Hall is confident the Democratic candidates won't see an upset this year. The Working Families Party, Conservative Party and Independence Party are also endorsing all of the Democratic candidates, giving the party dominance on ballot lines.

"They have done a great job over the past several years of putting the town on the right course. They have controlled taxes and attracted economic development to the town," said Hall. "I think that we have a very strong slate of candidates and I think they are moving the town in the right direction and I think the voters will agree and we will be victorious.""

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