Retiree to the Rescue

"I have the opportunity to work with some of the volunteers who are staying at the mission and it gives me a chance to see how sometimes their bad decisions led them to where they are," said Drum. "But, they also are good people."

There is plenty that Drum contributes to Capital City Rescue Mission and the struggling Capital Region demographic, but she also gets something invaluable out of it.

"I have had quite an education, particularly in the drug culture, which I had no knowledge of and how it created major problems in people's lives," said Drum. "They just need someone to have faith in them and confidence and give them a leg up sometimes."

Many people tend to have a soft spot for women and children in need, said Drum, but for inexplicable reasons, she's drawn to men who are down on their luck.

"Somehow men just touch me when they're in need. I think a lot of times men are viewed as something less than what they should be when they're not successful and they need somebody to just respect them and give them credibility and care about them," said Drum.

Capital City Mission Director of Development Sue Jones said she's in awe of Drum's dedication.

"It's a huge help and a blessing to have someone like Donna serve our mission. She not only has compassion for people who come through the doors, homeless and needy people, but also has a real compassion for the volunteers who work with her and some of those people are people who were homeless at one time that she supports and now they are also helping by volunteering," said Jones.

Jones said each and every volunteer is critical to the mission's livelihood but Drum brings a little something extra.

"She is one of the extraordinary volunteers. We do have others that volunteer on a very regular basis and very sacrificially once or twice a week, but I have to say Donna really goes above and beyond most of the volunteers," said Jones.

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