Young ballerinas to share the stage with the pros

"I find it really interesting to see the principal dancers dancing to the music just like we're dancing to the music," said Akita. "When I'm dancing with the principal dancers from the NYC Ballet I feel that I'm really getting good at ballet because I'm actually dancing with them, which is really elite."

She takes each performance as a dance lesson.

"It's helpful because if I was ever to audition for the New York City Ballet I would know how to dance because I've seen them dancing before next to me, so it's helpful," said Akita.

It would be easy to flaunt her talent, but Akita said remaining down to earth and taking everything in stride is important to her.

"You just stay humble and can't get a big head about everything. You have to make sure you don't rub it in people's faces that you got in stay true to yourself," said Akita.

The trick to ballet dancers finding long-term success is to have a good head on their shoulders and to approach dancing with an open mind, said Akita.

"You have to stay strong and be able to take criticism and not cry about it because the mistresses can be kind of mean and don't take you talking or fooling around. You have to brace yourself to be yelled at, it's very serious," said Akita.

But the discipline is worth it, said Akita, because she loves ballet.

"I enjoy the art of ballet. I enjoy the feeling of dancing to the music and flowing along with everything. I just like the art form of it," said Akita. "I think it's taught me poise and good behavior."

She hopes to one day try out for the New York City Ballet when she's old enough and if she reaches her goal of snagging a lead there, she wants to become a ballet teacher.

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