Adult kickball players revisit childhood

Anybody who grew up in the United States probably remembers playing kickball in elementary school physical education class.

The sport that bridges the gap between baseball, soccer and dodgeball is also being played by Capital District adults these days.

The Premier Kickball League wrapped up its spring season last Tuesday at the New York State Correctional Officers Training Academy in Albany. It's summer season starts Wednesday at its new home, Albany's Lincoln Park.

Many players cited the social and physical benefits of playing kickball as the reasons why they joined the league.

I was a summer camp kid, and this [league] is like my summer, said Albany resident Jess Mosbey.

"We're a whole bunch of friends here. That's the best part," said John Franciosa of Clifton Park.

The way adult kickball is played is much like the way it is played in physical education classes around the country.

Games are played to six innings or an hour, whichever comes first

There are three outs to an inning

Outs can be made either by strikeout, foul out, a catch by a fielder, throwing to a base or bouncing the ball off the base runner

A standard 10-inch red rubber ball is used

The ball must bounce at least twice before it crosses the plate

The strike zone is one foot to each side of home plate and one foot high

Four balls equals a walk, while four foul balls equals an out

Every member of the team is allowed to kick, but only 11 players are allowed in the field

If the score is tied after six innings, there is a two-inning overtime

If the score is still tied after the two extra innings, games are decided by a best-of-three, closest-to-second-base kick off.

Franciosa " a pitcher for the Jet Life team " said the technique for getting the ball to home plate varies from player to player.

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