Maritime Center needs an anchor

Watson said the maritime-themed programming could be interpreted broadly too.

One concept he has is for students from local schools to visit the center and get a hands-on approach to the more biological aspects of the center. He said the students could do river biology, wetland analysis, collect samples and learn about the watershed.

Possibly attracting a variety of tenants holding smaller programs at different times could also be a solution, he said. Watson said the center could do "a detailed survey of some sort to see what kind of educational activities there are out there that might be a good fit for the facility."

To help get the word out on a bigger scale, Watson said the center is looking at creating a website to showcase the facility and attract tenants.

"We are putting together a website that will hopefully be attractive and maybe will draw some interest."

The Town of Glenville does facilitate the loan payment for the center, but Supervisor Christopher Koetzle said the town is not liable to pay it off for the center.

"We are not at all on hook for that mortgage. We are just a pass through," said Koetzle. "I think it was set up that way just because the municipality probably had to be involved."

Even though the town isn't on the hook for the bill, he said the town hopes to utilize the facility and find a new tenant.

"It is a great building, and it is a great connection to our waterways here in Glenville, so we believe there is a number of uses that would be appropriate for it," said Koetzle. "It is fairly new, and I think it could really be a great home for someone that wants to help carrying the mission of education."

Although the boating industry might have taken a hit during the tough economy, said Watson, he thinks it is making a rebound.

"With the economy as it is, pleasure boating for the past several years has been difficult, although I think it is picking up to some degree.""

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