Objection to Lebron's petition may be moot

Nathan Lebron's stab at the office of Albany County executive may well be over.

The candidate filed 900 signatures of Republican voters in hopes of getting on that line of the ballot, but according to the county Board of Elections, that's 1,100 short.

Republican Elections Commissioner Rachel Bledi said Lebron may have misinterpreted the requirements set forth by the state's election calendar, which marks various signature thresholds depending on the size of the population under the office sought.

For the county executive's office, she said, the required number comes out to 2,000.

I could see how Nathan could have thought it was based on enrollment rather than inhabitants, she said of the calendar's wording.

Lebron said he's still waiting for clarification from the board. He said it's possible he needed only 500 signatures.

"As of right now, I am assuming that I am still going to be on the ballot," he said today.

Loudonville resident Lynn M. Woodhouse has also filed a general objection to Lebron's petition. She is a registered Republican. The objection would have to be followed in coming days by specific objections to the petition forms.

Bledi said she hasn't actually reviewed Lebron's petition yet. The board takes it "at face value," meaning that it will be voted down only if it's readily apparent there are too few signatures.

Lebron would be able to petition any negative decision made on his petition.""

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