Couple who created caffeinated water are in their 'Element'

— At the same time that Element was being created, so was the company that would sell it. Mere Natural is run by Gilbank and his wife, Kristen. With an office on Broadway below the Hungry Spot Café in Saratoga Springs, the start-up beverage company encompasses everything Element and any future products stand for.

“We’re going to wrap ourselves around a lot of what we did with Element; that’s the concept of us. Keep it simple, stay innovative,” said Gilbank. “We’re not going to be a lot of colors and flavors and artificial ingredients. In any of our products that we develop, they’ll always be very simplified to the market that’s unique of our customer base … they’re stopping to look at labels, they want to know what’s in there.”

He can’t reveal any details yet, but Gilbank said he’s almost concluded a new product extension that he hopes to have to market within the next seven to 10 months.

“I want to promise everyone it’ll be in the same direction of how we were. Very pure and simple and innovative,” said Gilbank.

Surprisingly, Mere Natural isn’t the only company that gets Gilbank’s attention and energy. He owns and manufacturers representation firm for the consumer electronics industry.

“Consumer electronics manufacturers come to our firm and we get them into all the national accounts in North America like Best Buy or Costco and manage the sales and marketing of products every month,” said Gilbank.

Juggling both businesses is “extremely hard” but Gilbank is already looking to the future.

“Mere Natural, five years from now, I think we’d look back and see Element as innovative for its time but mainstream in that time. We would be providing products that had the same innovation as Element does,” said Gilbank.

Element is bottled locally and Gilbank hopes to strike deals with wholesale distributors.

Element is available at the Hungry Spot Café or online through amazon.com and drinkelement.com and is $39.99 for a 24-pack.

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