21-year-old eyes seat on Malta Town Council

Ryan Gregoire said his young age, 21, shouldn't be seen as a sign of immaturity or naivety; in fact, it should be the very reason Malta residents vote for him for Malta Town Council.

I am going to be just as an effective leader as anyone else who is elected. I don't see my age as being a deterrent to run, I think it's actually probably more advantageous to have me run for office because I'll make sure I'm completely dedicated to this town, said Gregoire.

Gregoire has lived in Malta his whole life, straying only to complete a degree in political science at College at Brockport. He said running for elected office has always been his dream so when the Democratic Committee in Malta asked him to run on their line, he gladly accepted.

"I think in the Town of Malta we have a historic opportunity to elect new representation, young representation, to the Town Council because we have a lot of new, interesting projects happening in our community and Malta is really growing at a huge rate," said Gregoire. "I think it's important to have people on the board that represent both sides of the issue and also that someone can represent a younger population as well."

Cynthia Young, head of the Democratic committee and a candidate for supervisor, said Gregoire's youth and "enthusiasm" is what impressed her.

"He's smart. He has a lot to learn but I thnk he's a quick learner and I think he adds a lot of balance to our ticket," said Young. "We're very excited that we finally have a good solid team running for Town Board seats in a community that's bee historically a one-party system."

Gregoire is looking to defeat incumbents Tara Thomas and Peter Klotz.

He's only known Malta for 21 years, but Gregoire said in that time he's seen it change "quite a bit" and has noticed there's not a lot of diversity in the ideas of town officials."

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