Apartment complex spurs look at permit process

"I find no need at this time to expedite getting rid of this and going outside the normal process. It is not going to hold up any project," said Godlewski. "It makes no sense to call for a public hearing if the public has nothing to see or review."

Letting the public have information to understand what it is being proposed is important, said Godlewski, and wanted to call for the public hearing at the Aug. 10 meeting and not at the current July 13 meeting. He only wanted to ask for the Planning Commission's recommendation.

Brick said he met with Supervisor Frank Del Gallo and other town officials on Monday, July 11, regarding the proposed sewer district.

"The discussion became the fact that it has never been utilized, people didn't even know it was there. It never came up during the Planning Commission process. It kind of got completely overlooked," said Brick.

According to Brick, head of the Public Works Department Michael Griesemer eventually asked why the permit is even in the town code and suggested getting rid of it. Without the public hearing called for at the July 13 meeting the project would be delayed by a month, said Brick.

Del Gallo said the permit could be deterrence for large projects or companies to develop in the town.

"Contractors of any kind, any big company, come into the area and want to build "they spend a ton of money on this whole project to get passed through the Planning Commission and then come to the (Town Board) and get shot down," said Del Gallo.

Brick echoed Del Gallo's sentiment and said companies spend thousands of dollars for their site plan approval and then in certain projects have to come to the Town Board for additional approval.

"There is absolutely no standard or requirements or thresholds in this it is completely up to the discretion of the Town Board," said Brick. "I can guarantee you that developers out there when they are looking to locate somewhere, when they find this in your town code people are telling them, 'Don't go near that town.'"

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