Apartment complex spurs look at permit process

Del Gallo said Planning Commission Chairman Tom Yuille supported the abolishment of the code. Councilman Wayne Calder confirmed Yuille said the code undermines their expertise and ability to review projects successfully.

Godlewski insisted again the resolution at least include the commission's recommendation. Also, he noted the permit isn't required until a company starts to build and he said there hasn't been any permits field for such activity.

"I can't believe that 30 days' difference is going to make a difference," said Godlewski.

DiLeva said in the first paragraph of the packet board members had regarding the public hearing, it stated a recommendation from the Planning Commission would be obtained.

Councilman Matthew Martin was absent from meeting and the board voted to amend the resolution 3-1 and then passed the resolution 3-1. The board amended the resolution to explicitly state the hearing hinged on the commission's recommendation being received beforehand by the board. Godlewski was the opposing vote in both instances.""

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