Halfmoon supervisor hopeful's petitions rejected

The Saratoga County Board of Elections rejected petitions filed by Halfmoon Supervisor hopeful Tammy Hinkell, said Commissioner of Elections Roger J. Schiera.

There were objections with petitions filed, said Schiera. "We review for certain things. Certain defects that are correctable and if we encounter those, they can be fixed."

In Hinkell's case, Schiera said the defects were not "curable" which is why the number of valid signatures fell below the minimum 278 needed to secure a spot on the primary ballot in Halfmoon.

Schiera said he didn't have specific objections on hand but there were some instances of people signing who weren't registered, weren't a registered Republican or had signed a previous petition for the supervisor race.

"Other objections were of a technical nature. There were numerous allegations of changed information. There are rules for when you make a change on a petition," said Schiera.

Petitions are rejected every election cycle but Schiera said it's most common with people who don't have a lot of experience running for office.

"I think it's pretty straightforward and the rules and regulations are not that complicated but what happens is sometimes when people do this without an organization backing them it's easy to make a mistake," said Schiera.

Hinkell could not be reached for comment. She would have been running against current Supervisor Mindy Wormuth.


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