Town makes landfill case

"Other companies involved in the RFP process probably didn't have enough money to be involved in this kind of process," he said.

An aspect of the company Mittelstaedt said was different from most others was the amount of community involvement. Waste Connections, Inc., will sponsor the arts, sports clubs, will make in-kind contributions and participates in various other community activities.

"I think the town heard quite clearly from some communities on what we do to give back," he said.

One resident asked if the employees currently working at the landfill would keep their jobs at the landfill or would be offered new ones in the town. Cunningham said there are jobs being created for the 16 landfill employees within the Department of Public Works, with what he said will be similar pay. Mittelstaedt said Waste Connections, Inc., will also be interviewing employees at the landfill after the contract is agreed upon and the transition phase has begun. If an employee is hired, Mittelstaedt said they will be put under his company's benefit plan.

"It will be a major medical, dental and major liability plan," he said. "They are some differences between our plan and the town's."

Albany County Comptroller Mike Conners was at the July 25 session and asked why the town wouldn't want to sell the landfill to the county. He said the town gets $600 million worth of waste through the facility and felt the current deal being negotiated didn't accurately portray the value of the landfill. He also said it is merely just a quick fix to the town's financial problems.

"It solves the problem quickly," he said. "But that won't work for the county."

Cunningham said the town didn't necessarily have the county in mind.

"We didn't look for what was the best agreement for the county, we were looking for the best agreement for the residents of Colonie," he said.

There will be a public hearing on Thursday, July 28, at 7 p.m., regarding the contract during the town's regularly scheduled board meeting. Supervisor Paula Mahan said the plan may come to a vote if board members feel comfortable enough in doing so.


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