Major League Baseball's gesture not enough for author

Gladstone believes 847 former players deserve full benefits

— Gladstone, though, said he doesn’t have much hope that the players he fought for will be extended the same benefits that more recent MLB alumni earned for less years of service.

“Saying that they’re committed to talking about it only means that they’re committed to talking about it. That doesn’t mean that it will be realized,” said Gladstone.

Gladstone added that he is disappointed that the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association hasn’t been more vigorous in their efforts to help this group of former players.

“Let me put it this way. If the executive leadership of the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association was running point on the Revolutionary War, we’d still be the loyal subjects of King George,” said Gladstone. “The MLBPAA raises $13-$15 million for charities every year, and they can’t support their own men?”

So while MLB’s announcement for a payment plan is a start, Gladstone said he won’t be satisfied until the class of 847 former major leaguers he wrote about receives the same consideration as those who are already vested in the pension plan.

“I just want to see these men treated justly and fairly,” he said.

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