Malta gets a theme song

The song begins with "There's something going on in our little town, in the Small Town of Malta. We greet you with a smile like it's goin' out of style in the Small Town of Malta," and goes on to capture a close knit and friendly community.

"I think they're basic values that every community embraces and Malta especially because I know it so well," said Sausville. "We have volunteer fireman, we're wedded to democracy, people do look after their neighbors and my feeling is if people really recognize what they have here, maybe this spirit we have can be sustained and will even grow."

There are many big cities with their own songs, like "Moonlight in Vermont" or "New York New York," but Sausville said he sees no reason why Malta (despite its size) shouldn't fit into that group.

"A lot of large places have songs written about them that capture the spirit of the community and I thought the hometown hospitality captured the essence of our town and spirit of small town values," said Sausville.

The song debuted during the Monday, July 25, meeting of the Town Board and Sausville said he hopes to connect with some local dancers for when he introduces it to the rest of the Saratoga County Supervisors.

"It's being played all over the Capital District right now, I interviewed with a local radio station we're going to play it at our community day, various banquets that firehouses have," said Sausville. "Perhaps the Malta Business and Professional Association will see this as a way of selling our small town values and as a way of explaining to people that Malta is a great place to live and raise a family."

To hear "In the Small Town of Malta," attend community events in Malta or visit www.spotlightnews.com.


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