R'dam cops called to board meeting

Police dialed when resident becomes vocal at Town Board meeting

The Rotterdam Town Board meeting on Wednesday, May 25, ended with flashing lights outside Town Hall.

As the meeting was nearing an end, Deputy Supervisor Robert Godlewski called town police to intervene after resident Kelly Rhinesmith called Supervisor Frank Del Gallo a colossal liar during the privilege of the floor and continued to make accusatory statements toward individual board members. Del Gallo told Rhinesmith to leave, at which point, Godlewski walked off to make the call. The incident lasted only about three minutes from Rhinesmith's initial remark until she stopped talking. Police arrived after the meeting concluded, and no charges were filed.

When Rhinesmith confronted Del Gallo, Godlewski told him she was "out of order with those type of comments" and urged him to call the meeting back to order. Godlewski then told Rhinesmith the board didn't have to listen to her "rude comments."

Rhinesmith's outburst was prompted by the Town Board's handling of the ambulance service contract vote on Wednesday, May 11. She said Del Gallo did not follow through on a promise to wait for Nicola DiLeva before voting to award Rotterdam Emergency Medical Services the contract. However, the 3-0 vote in support of REMS would have remained unchanged no matter how DiLeva voted.

Two minutes into Rhinesmith's comments, some board members started to talk among themselves about how to resolve the situation. She continued to address the board as Godlewski left the room to call the police.

Before Godlewski returned, DiLeva requested to adjourn the meeting, at which point Rhinesmith stopped addressing the board. Shortly after DiLeva's request, and as Godlewski was returning to his seat, the meeting ended.

"She was asked to leave and she left, no charges were filed," said Lt. Jason Murphy on Thursday, May 26.

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