Rotterdam Senior Center cameras debated

"I don't think it [the Senior Center] has ever been robbed," said Del Gallo after the meeting. "I'm waiting for the lawyer to tell me if it is legal to have them in the workplace."

Marco, who supports keeping the kitchen camera in place, asked why the center can't be "in the generation of now" and have the cameras in place if, for instance, somebody's pocketbook was stolen.

"What is the reason for having the cameras in the kitchen? To watch them cook?" asked Del Gallo. "The people have been complaining also."

Marco said only four people had complained about the cameras, with two being workers and two residents using the facility.

"At the [Rotterdam Senior Association] meeting, they were thrilled that you were doing it," she said. "They were thrilled that you had them throughout the center. If something happens to someone, I think that is a great thing for safety."

Jack Shiely, president of the Rotterdam Senior Association, also expressed support for the cameras.

"The senior citizens are super happy that they are there," said Shiely. "If you work in a restaurant they have cameras in them for their employees. The people that are complaining are the ones that don't show up on time and aren't working the way they should be working."

Del Gallo again questioned if the cameras are there to see if those workers don't show up on time. When asked that same question by Councilwoman Nicola DiLeva, Shiely said the cameras were not there to monitor people coming in late.

"The cameras are there for safety, not whether somebody shows up on time," said Del Gallo.

Shiely said if it weren't for the cameras in a nearby Wal-Mart, a local woman wouldn't have been able to find out who stole her wallet out of her pocketbook.

"If things are going to happen, let's have the cameras there for their protection," said Shiely.

Del Gallo said he has no problems with the cameras being there, but wants to make sure it is OK legally.

"Well, they want them there, but I have to find out if they can stay there," said Del Gallo. "If the law says that they can be there, then I will leave them there.""

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