Realtors get behind governor's version of tax cap

Bethelehem Central School District Superintendent Michael Tebbano criticized Cuomo for promoting the creation of a mandate relief commission without ever seeing anything from it. And now the governor is continuing to go around promoting the tax cap. He even listed some of the unfunded mandates he said don't make any sense.

One of them is a mandate that requires school districts to transport a child to a private school that is within 13 miles of the school district. Tebbano said it is a waste of money and time since within just five miles, there are perfectly fine private schools.

"If parents are that needy of private education, they should assume the cost," he said, along with questioning as to why it is 13 miles. "It's a legislative give to constituents. It has nothing to do with maintaining the educational quality of a school district."

He also said the Department of Commerce and the Department of Health have a wellness policy that places further mandates on a school's nutrition program and there is also heavy restrictions on school nurses. All of this, he said, is just everyone trying to tell districts how to run its schools.

"They're not giving us any money, they're just telling us to do it," he said. "I keep asking why do we have to do it without all of that funding."

Homeowners feel property tax pain

NYSAR's main concern is that people are increasingly not able to afford the property taxes on their homes, something that particularly affects seniors who are living on a fixed incomes while their taxes continue to rise each year. And with a recent Siena Poll showing that 86 percent of the people responding said owning a home is part of the American Dream, Prividera said, and eight out of 10 residents in New York are calling for property tax relief.

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