Lebron asks for GOP Chairman to resign

If the committee of towns wants to make a motion to endorse a candidate Clarey said he would entertain that. After the election is over, Clarey said he will be putting together a committee and working with lawyers to set up a mechanism that would allow the party to endorse a candidate.

"I've been told they need to be reworked," Clarey said of the bylaws. "They are out of date on a lot of levels."

Lebron has also criticized Clarey leadership and said that he has failed to unify the county GOP. For this reason, he has asked for Clarey to resign.

"This lack of leadership at the chairman level is now very apparent; not only with this decision but the failure to unify the party is glaring," he said. "Mr. Clarey's decision to not include fellow members of the executive committee in important decisions yet to work against their wishes is reason for Mr. Clarey to step down immediately. Albany County Republicans need a leader who works with the committee and the candidates and not against the principles and values we strive to uphold."

Clarey said he would not comment on Lebron's request for his resignation.""

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