My Way Cafe closing its doors after 27 years

"My sauce is different than most red sauce restaurants. Most of them are thick and very consistent. Mine is chunky, it's got whle tomatoes in it and I always pride myself on cooking it that way, I use a lot of different herbs in it," said Bove.

Another thing you won't find is an onslaught of pasta dishes with meat sauces. Meat doesn't belong in sauce for pasta, said Bove.

"If I'm going to have meatballs or any kind of meat, I cook them separate in another sauce but the one I put on pasta is all tomatoes," said Bove.

Bolognese is the exception, though.

"That's the biggest seller of all the pasta dishes. It's fresh sausage!" said Bove.

The veal dishes and parmesans are other popular dishes.

Aside from the food, prepared with a unique care and diligence, there's also the dEcor. What's with the floor to ceiling Sinatra?

Bove said when he decided to downsize, not only was he going to have a smaller more creative menu, he was also going to have a theme.

"By far Sinatra was my first choice but I had to go along with the location and the type of building it was. My choices were John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. If I chose Marilyn Monroe I would have needed a Victorian. If I took John Wayne I would have needed a railroad station, so I settled with Sinatra because he started off in an old house and it was a Dutch Colonial like this that was converted into a restaurant," said Bove.

As far as the memorabilia, it "just happened and keeps happening."

"For the first 15 years out of 27, every day something came in," said Bove.

People would send their Sinatra mementos to My Way CafE and Bove would display it.

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