Rotterdam GOP endorsements voided

The court did not address Parisi's other claim, in which he alleges there were not enough committee members present during the meeting to hold a legal vote. The decision said since improper notification was given, it wouldn't address those claims.

Donovan said she wished an attorney in the committee, such as Parisi, with a better understanding of the law could have advised her in advance of the meeting. Parisi was out of town when he received an email from his wife about the meeting, and he was still out of town when the meeting occurred.

"If something comes to my attention, I am sure I will ask a question, but I am not hunting around and looking for it," said Parisi. "I am not the meeting police. I can't go around and make sure everyone does everything proper all the time."

Donovan said she takes complete responsibility for the late notice.

"It just goes to show you that I am trying to bring unity, and it is very difficult when other people are trying to tear it down based on a notice," said Donovan. "Something is definitely wrong within our party. I don't think we are playing as a team. I think a team would communicate other than going to the court with something of that nature."

Although, Parisi said the lack of communication was his reason for going to court. After emailing the committee several times and not receiving a response to his questions, he said, the deadline to file a lawsuit on the meeting was nearing. He said he was left with no choice.

"It is not that I wanted to challenge it in court, but nobody would answer my questions.""

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