Camera creates flap in Police Department

The union has sent a letter to Corsi seeking clarity on use of the camera system and is also objecting to not being part of the decision to install it.

"Our issue is more the departmental issue of we weren't included in any discussions the chief or the town had with the telecommunicators union," Anson said.

Mckenna said he's not aware of any conversations between the dispatchers union and the administration.

The police union's legal counsel has distributed a letter to town officials stating its position and arguing the camera alters existing agreements between the union and administration.

"There are certain rights we have under the Taylor Law to negotiate the impact of video surveillance equipment," said Thomas Jordan, lawyer to the BPBA. "We weren't brought into the conversation, we think that the town should include us in the conversation."

Police officers are no strangers to being on tape. Video and audio equipment is installed in many police cars and in the booking area. 911 emergency calls are also recorded.

Anson said the Officer's Union doesn't have any position on Kerr or his alleged actions, and Mckenna declined to discuss personnel matters.

"There was an issue with Mr. Kerr, and it was successfully resolved along with the union's involvement," he said. ""

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